DOD/DOE Environmental Data Quality Workgroup LCS Control Limit Study - Part 3. AB Perspective: Implementation and Assessment of LCS Control Limits

Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. Gunning
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Department of Defense (DoD)/Department Of Energy (DOE) Environmental Data Quality Workgroup Laboratory Control Sample Control Limit Study

DoD/DOE Environmental Data Quality Workgroup (EDQW) determined that both the DoD and DOE would benefit from updating the existing Laboratory Control Sample (LCS) control limits that were established as a result of a study conducted in 1999 and reported in the 2004 LCS study (DoD, 2004).

The EDQW developed a plan for collecting data from DoD Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (DoD-ELAP) and DOE Consolidated Analytical Program (DOECAP) laboratories, analyzing the data, and using the data to set revised LCS control limits. The objective of the study was to develop new LCS limits and provide values for an expanded scope of analytes-matrix-methods. The presentation will discuss the study planning, implementation, and resultant LCS control limits. It will also focus on incorporating the control limits into project Quality Assurance Project Plans. Problem analytes will also be high-lighted.


1. Overview of LCS: Laboratory Control Sample (LCS) Study Overview - Fred McLean

2. Statistics: Data Analysis for the 2013 Laboratory Control Sample (LCS) Control Limits Study - Kelly Black

3. AB Perspective: Implementation and Assessment of LCS Control Limits - Chris Gunning

4. Laboratory Perspective: Laboratory Control Sample Control Limits Study- Laboratory Perspectives - Chuck Stoner

5. Project Perspective: Systematic Project Planning and the LCS - Kari Meier