Developing Large Volume Injection in Split / Splitless Inlets

Oral Presentation

Prepared by P. Koerner
Phenomenex, 222 S. Guadalupe Avenue, #2, Redondo Beach, CA, 90277, United States

Contact Information:; 310-212-0555


Injection volumes on traditional split / splitless inlets have conventionally been limited by calculations of solvent expansion volumes at given temperatures to prevent sample backflash. This has limited the injection volumes of most methods to 1-2uL depending on the solvent. This work will explore experimentally the boundaries of injection volumes with different solvents.

The results will then be applied to expand the sensitivity of analyses of different solvents in combination with different liner configurations to determine the maximum volumes that can be injected for given solvents. Additional instrument parameters will then be optimized to account for the increased solvent load and to provide optimum response and peak shape for all analytes throughout the chromatogram. All of this can provide sensitivity increases of up to 10x over traditional 1uL injections using the same hardware already in use.