Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for Powerplants (MATS) Regulatory Update

Oral Presentation

Prepared by B. Parker
USEPA Office of Air, 109 TW Alexander Drive, Research Triange Park, NC, 27711, United States

Contact Information:; 919-541-5635


This paper will discuss and update readers on three MATS rulemakings, as well as provide readers with an understanding of the monitoring methods selected and in use by electric generating units (EGUs) not relying on compliance extensions. Covered rulemakings will include the Supplemental Finding That It Is Appropriate and Necessary To Regulate Hazardous Air Pollutants From Coal- and Oil-Fired Electric Utility Steam Generating Units (proposed December 1, 2015 [80 FR 75205]); the Technical Corrections to MATS (proposed February 17, 2015 [80 FR 8442]); and the MATS Completion of Electronic Reporting Requirements (not yet proposed). It will be important for EGU owners, operators, suppliers, and regulators to learn the impact of these rulemakings, as they are designed to clarify requirements and to reduce burden. In addition, readers will be provided with a snapshot of MATS compliance methods – either frequent emissions testing or continuous measurement – from EGUs not relying on a compliance date extension, as well as a general sense of emissions from these EGUs. These compliance methods and emissions data will come from the sites, as reported to EPA electronically.