Portable SERS-based Water Analysis for Industrial and Environmental Applications

Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Peterman, M. Benhabib, S. Kleinman, C. Ariza, N. Zherebnenko
OndaVia, Inc., 26102 Eden Landing Dr. #1, Hayward, CA, 94545, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 510-576-0476


Fast, on-site chemical analysis increases process yields and decreases operational costs. OndaVia has developed a portable, Raman-spectroscopy-based analysis system that enables real-time, trace-level chemical analysis in complex water samples. This analysis system consists of a small, transportable spectrometer, and a disposable, chemical-specific cartridge. The system enables analysis of ppth-level constituents down to ppb-level contaminant measurements in groundwater. We demonstrate the ability to quantify analytes in complex mixtures over eight orders of magnitude in detection limit while also achieving laboratory-quality accuracy. For example, triazine-based hydrogen sulfide scavengers are widely used to remove corrosive materials during natural gas and crude oil operations. These compounds are challenging to measure. The alternative laboratory methods require time-consuming derivitization steps due to temperature instability of the starting materials. We demonstrate direct detection and quantification of ppth-levels of MEA-triazine and its by-product, dithiazine, with 10% accuracy in complex spent scavenger solutions. Downstream, the use of these scavengers yields the tramp amine, monoethanolamine, in refinery process waters. Using surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, we achieve 0-to 100-ppm measurements and 10% accuracy for monoethanolamine in complex refinery waters with a two-minute, portable test. With surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and intelligent surface treatments, we also demonstrate ppb-level detection and quantification of perchlorate in ground water samples and 5-ppb detection and speciation of selenium in mining waste water. Our novel approach to Raman spectroscopy provides a fast, accurate, portable analysis system for industrial and environmental applications.