Durable Data in the Digital World: Raw Material to Finished Product

Oral Presentation

Prepared by S. McKellar1, C. Katsikis2, S. Denzer1
1 - Laboratory Data Consultants, 2701 Loker Ave. West, Suite 220, Carlsbad, CA, 92010, United States
2 - Laboratory Data Consultants, FL, Inc. (LDCFL), 112 Kings Way, Royal Palm Beach, FL, 33411, United States

Contact Information: smckellar@lab-data.com; 760-827-1100


From the data quality objectives to the field, to the laboratory, to a database, to the final report and beyond, environmental chemistry data has a long journey down the assembly line before the data is ready for use. The importance of electronic data in the environmental compliance industry also grows with each passing year. As we learn new ways to process and interpret small and large data sets, the usability of the results is still largely dependent on the precision, accuracy, representativeness, comparability, completeness, and sensitivity of the data itself.

There are various quality control procedures along the continuum of the data assembly line, and automation is becoming essential to handle the large volume of electronic data being generated. Compatibility of data between different regulatory programs has become an increasingly important consideration when deciding what shape your electronic data will take.

In this presentation, we will discuss some of the various quality control processes including data verification and validation and present successful examples of how automated processes allow the end user to ensure data is of known and documented quality.