Ensuring Identity and Traceability of Microbiology Proficiency Testing and Reference Standards

Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Blades
Environmental Resource Associates, A Waters company, 16341 Table Mountian, Golden, CO, 80403, United States

Contact Information: mblades@eraqc.com; 303-463-3537


This presentation will cover the importance of ensuring the identity and traceability of microorganisms in microbiology proficiency testing and reference materials. Requirements in the TNI standards and associated guides will be used to initiate the presentation.

We will cover available national collections providing these organisms and the programs used by these collections and their program participants to ensure identity and traceability.

ATCC Proficiency Standards program and program mission will be explained. End-user agreements and advantages to the participants using these programs will be also be explained.

The intent of the presentation will be to increase understand of requirements and programs by the end-users, Lab Quality Managers, Supervisors and Bench Chemist/Analyst.