EPA's Next Generation Compliance Strategy and the Role of the Citizen Scientist

Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Elam
TRC, 100 Deerfield Trail, Chapel Hill, NC, 278516, United States

Contact Information: delam@trcsolutions.com; 919-622-1846


In October 2014, EPA published a strategic plan addressing Next Generation (Next Gen) Compliance. The strategic plan encompasses five areas: (1) Regulations and Permits, (2) Advanced Monitoring, (3) Electronic Reporting, (4) Expanded Transparency, and (5) Innovative Enforcement. Many recent regulations reflect EPA's Next Gen Compliance Strategy. Three of these areas - Advanced Monitoring, Electronic Reporting, and Expanded Transparency - engage the citizen scientist.

The Next Gen compliance strategy empowers citizen scientists to collect, analyze, and communicate environmental data in new ways. This presentation will provide an overview of EPA’s Next Gen compliance strategy, examine measurement technologies available to the citizen scientist, and highlight EPA’s numerous electronic data reporting programs available to the citizen scientist for review and mining. Citizen science is here to stay. This presentation will focus on the requirements to make it credible, relevant, and acceptable to both the regulatory and regulated communities.