The Utilization of Hanby Environmental's TPH Field Test Kits for Water and Soil Analysis

Poster Presentation

Prepared by C. Fator, R. Oswalt, E. Ricco, T. Large
Hanby Environmental, 1772 W. Sam Houston Parkway N, Houston, TX, 77043, United States

Contact Information:; 713-468-3898


Our company has been around for the last 30 years as an environmental company. As Hanby Environmental, we manufacture TPH Field Test Kits for the immediate analysis of water and soil samples. In a matter of 4 minutes for soil and 6 minutes for water, you will know the concentration level for the hydrocarbon or contaminate. This very economical quantification and qualification have been proven to be an extremely valuable tool the world over on every major oil spill response and on remediation projects. By independent studies performed by the US EPA and US Army Corps of Engineers, both found that the results per the Hanby method correlated to laboratory results within a variance of 10%, which is 2.5x better than the acceptable variance for field analysis of 25%.

The Hanby method is a visual colorimetric method utilizing the human eye to compare the sample results to the color calibration photos included in the kits with the color indicating the hydrocarbon or contaminant and the lightness or darkness providing the concentration level thereof. This poster provides insight to the science and history of the TPH Field Tests Kits and provides real-world examples of how the kits have been deployed in the industry.