Panel Discussion: Professional Judgement As Part of the Data Review/Validation Effort

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Prepared by P. Newbold1, L. Bohannon2, J. McAteer3, . Rossi4, E. Strout5, S. Cuenco6
1 - ddms, inc., 186 Center Street, Suite 290, Clinton, NJ, 08809, United States
2 - EcoChem, 1011 Western Avenue, Suite 1006, Seattle, WA, 98104, United States
3 - QA/QC Solutions, Inc., 7532 Champion Hill Rd. SE, Salem, Oregon, 97306, United States
4 - ddms, inc., 186 Center St., Suite 290, Clinton, NJ, 08809, United States
5 - Retired (EcoChem, Inc.), 3506 Crystal Springs Dr. NE, Bainbridge Island, Washington, 98110, United States
6 - LDC, 2701 Loker Ave. West, Suite 220, Carlsbad, CA, 92010, United States

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Panel Discussion: Every data validator must apply best professional judgment when reviewing analytical data. Often, the USEPA and other agency guidance documents state to use professional judgement to determine the reliability of data and whether results should be qualified or rejected. The application of using professional judgement, is a result of what is observed during data verification and validation. When professional judgment is applied, and how it is applied, is varied across data review companies and may even be varied within a given company. The impact to the usability of the data can be significant where there is more than one data review company involved or when the review team changes. This panel will, in part, discuss “professional judgment” and compare and contrast how various data review companies approach and document this component of data review in order to maintain consistency in the data quality assessment process. In addition, it will address how the application of professional judgement may affect the end use of the data. .Participate in a follow up discussion on this and other data validation issues.

Moderator: Polly Newbold - ddms, inc.
James McAteer – QA/QC Solutions, LLC
Jeri Rossi – ddms, inc.
Eric Strout – EcoChem
Stella Cuenco – LDC