Build a Digital Bridge with your Clients

Oral Presentation

Prepared by D. Riese
Promium, 3350 Monte Villa Parkway, Suite 220, Bothell, WA, 98021, United States

Contact Information:; 877-776-6486


Online, self-service informational applications, or “web portals,” have improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency in banking, parcel delivery, healthcare, and many other industries. For laboratory clients, an online tool that delivers real-time updates on their projects and final results creates a digital bridge between that client and the laboratory. Those clients can be connected 24/7 to your operations and can pull information on their projects any time they need it rather than waiting for a call-back from a laboratory project manager.

Mr. Riese will discuss how a client web portal provides transforms the relationship between the client and laboratory. Mr. Riese will review the types of information that is available through such a portal, the ability to control what and how the information is shared, and how project managers and other laboratory team members can re-focus their energy on tasks other than giving status updates.