The Successful Use of Alternative Carrier Gases with EPA Method 624

Poster Presentation

Prepared by L. Marotta1, R. Bardsley2, J. Rebholz2, T. Hartlein2
1 - PerkinElmer, 710 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT, 06484, United States
2 - Teledyne Tekmar, 4736 Socialville Foster Road, Mason, OH, 45040, United States

Contact Information:; 914-954-1779


With the high price and the potential shortage of helium, many methods are being investigated to use alternative carrier gases with success. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) method 624 will be used as an example. The gas chromatographic (GC) sample introduction technique specified by method 624 is Purge and Trap (P & T), while the detector specified is a mass spectrometer (MS).

The goal of this research was to investigate the use of alternative carrier gases while meeting EPA method criteria.

This poster will focus on how these goals were realized by optimizing GG and MS parameters using hydrogen and nitrogen with comparison to the referee carrier, helium. Data is presented showing that nitrogen could be a more suitable and desirable carrier gas when compared to helium and hydrogen since nitrogen is inert, less expensive and readily available.