An Overview of the Approaches and Benefits to Online Water Quality Monitoring

Oral Presentation

Prepared by M. Umberg
U.S. EPA, 26 W. Martin Luther King Dr., Cincinnati, OH, 45268, United States

Contact Information: [email protected]; 513-569-7357


A number of utilities in the United States have deployed real-time water quality sensors in their distribution systems to learn more about real-time system conditions. This presentation will provide an overview of approaches that have been used to implement online water quality monitoring programs and the benefits that have been realized as a result of this monitoring. The overview of approaches will discuss the parameters monitored, number of monitoring stations installed, and data analysis methods that have been established by a group of 10 diverse utilities. The overview of benefits realized will cover how real-time water quality data has been used to support regulatory compliance, optimize system operation, and detect water quality anomalies.