Building a Powerful QMS for a Quality Lab

Poster Presentation

Prepared by K. Rux1, H. Leibovitz2
1 - Qualtrax, 105 E Roanoke Street, Blacksburg, VA, 24060, United States
2 - Rhode Island Center for Environmental Sciences - State Health Laboratories, 50 Orms Street, Providence, RI, 02904,

Contact Information:; 800-755-1875


As the need to manage and maintain accreditation continues, a way to manage quality and compliance is essential. While many laboratories still use a paper system or file folders on a computer, there are many electronic quality management systems that are built to help ease the burden. This session is an opportunity to talk with quality managers that use an electronic system in this digital age.

This poster will cover the value of creating and maintaining a laboratory with a culture of quality. Robert Dickerson with Georgia Power will show how they utilize an electronic quality management system including how to navigate funding for the system, how to roll it out in a laboratory setting, how to manage a lab, how to maintain accreditation and certifications and the long-term value of the system.