Data Usability Part 2: Data Validation Needs To Be More Than Just A Checklist

Oral Presentation

Prepared by J. McAteer1, P. Newbold2
1 - QA/QC Solutions, LLC, 7536 Champion Hill, Rd. SE, Salem, OR, 97306, United States
2 - DDMS, Inc., 186 Center St., Suite 290, Clinton, NJ, 08809, United States

Contact Information:; 503-763-6948


Using data that has not been subjected to an appropriate level of data verification and validation will result in making incorrect decision(s), may not support the data quality objectives and using data that does not have the sufficient degree of certainty necessary to support the intended uses of that data. This will result in the unnecessary expenditure of money, affect the decision-making process, and possibly have negative impacts on ecological and/or human health.

Part 2 of this presentation will use real-world examples to illustrate, when one, or more, of the required elements of completing a more rigorous level of data review and data validation are not completed (or are completed incorrectly), the subsequent end-use(s) of the data will be affected. Examples presented will address aspects of sampling and analysis; data verification; data validation; data quality assessment, usability, and uncertainty; chemical forensics and source tracing; and litigation.