Exploring the US EPA 524 Purge and Trap Variables

Poster Presentation

Prepared by R. Bardsley
Teledyne Tekmar, 4736 Socialville Fosters Rd, Mason, OH, 45040, United States

Contact Information: roger.bardsley@teledyne.com; 513-229-7017


Since 1983, the US EPA has provided water laboratories with convenient methods to test for potentially toxic Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in water. US EPA method 524 has provided Purge and Trap parameters for these laboratories. Throughout the years since its initial release, this method has progressed through numerous revisions to allow laboratories to match improvements in purge and trap instruments and mass spectrometry detectors.

It has also changed the VOC list to keep up with the ever-changing toxic compounds that might be found in water. This poster will provide insight into how modifications to purge and trap parameters can affect VOC detection limits and sample concentration ranges for US EPA Methods 524.2, 524.3, and 524.4. These parameters will also allow laboratories to successfully meet the requirements for all three methods while maximizing the number of samples they can process in a given calibration cycle.