The Expanding Role of LIMS in Laboratory Quality Assurance

Oral Presentation

Prepared by C. O'Bryan
RTI Laboratories, Inc., 31628 Glendale, Livonia, MI, 48150, United States

Contact Information:; 734-422-8000


Assessing and monitoring the quality of analytical data is integral to the successful operation of a laboratory. Automated quality control functions in the laboratory LIMS will allow expedited review of the analytical process from the bench level to the final report. The ability of the LIMS to facilitate communicating data quality issues to the end user will enhance the cooperative effort of the laboratory and client in achieving the required project data quality objectives. Ensuring the efficacy of the quality assurance program while enhancing the productivity of the laboratory operation requires an effective LIMS and a sound quality control system that are fully integrated.

This presentation will focus on the role of the LIMS in the laboratory quality system and will discuss:

-- features that provide reliable data assessment tools that allow efficient evaluation of generated results for compliance with specific requirements.
-- the need for accurate assignment of data qualifiers to provide the necessary information to both the analysts and data reviewers to effectively evaluate data sets.
-- the incorporation of quality control functions in the LIMS that manage tasks for control charting, corrective action reports and traceability.