Jason Conder

Dr. Jason Conder is a Senior Scientist with Geosyntec Consultants in Huntington Beach, CA. His professional focus is in environmental toxicology, ecological and human health risk assessment, bioaccumulation and bioavailability of environmental contaminants, environmental chemistry, environmental monitoring technology, and statistics. He has provided technical expertise in ecological risk assessment and environmental toxicology to multinational clients addressing environmental liability and risk issues associated with contaminated sites. In addition, Dr. Conder has almost 20 years research and consulting experience with passive sampling tools to quantify metal and organic compound availability. He has published more than 20 peer-reviewed articles in environmental toxicology and chemistry, presented technical work at numerous international scientific conferences, and has served on and co-chaired several technical workshops. Dr. Conder earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Science University of North Texas, a Master’s degree (Zoology) from Oklahoma State University (OSU) and a BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Ecology (OSU).

Contact Information: jconder@geosyntec.com; 714-465-1226