Andy Valkenburg

Dr. Andy Valkenburg is the Corporate Quality Assurance Officer for Energy Laboratories, Inc., and has been with the company for 26 years. Energy Laboratories, Inc., Billings and Casper laboratory branches have been TNI accredited through Florida DOH, since 2002, the beginning of TNI's laboratory accreditation program. Andy received a BA in Biology with a Minor in Chemistry from Carroll College and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Montana State University. Working with contractors for the EPA regional headquarters in Las Vegas, He has experience in the CLP Superfund Program, is involved with Analytical Method Development, Method evaluations, and PT sample design, and has numerous presentations with the Waste Tasting and Quality Assurance Symposia, the early precursor to today's NEMC meetings. He also has presented at a previous NEMC meeting on laboratory solvent recycling and is a current member of TNI and their Proficiency Testing Program Executive Committee. When not at ELI, Andy enjoys attending his children’s activities, spending time outdoors, working on old cars and doing water gardening and carpentry work. He is a judge and member of the Billings Clinic Regional Science Fair board, and volunteers time as a board member and instructor with the Montana Learning Center.

Contact Information:; 406-869-6254