Charles Fator

Charles D. Fator is the Grandson of John D. Hanby, the Inventor of the Hanby Environmental TPH Field Test Kits for the immediate detection of hydrocarbons in water and soil samples. Hanby Environmental TPH Field Test Kits have been manufactured and shipped the world over for the last 29 years. In high school, Charles helped around his Grandfather's laboratories. Then he attended Sam Houston State University where he began studying environmental science. He then switched over to business school where he graduated with a BA in Finance. He spent the next 14 years as a commercial banker where he was a President of two commercial banking centers. Having a desire to own his own business, he made the natural progression into being a licensed insurance agent. He was not satisfied with the insurance industry, so he approached his Grandfather about joining his Environmental Company and joined the company in 2011. Since that time, he has managed the operations of the existing business, while together they developed a new technology and device built upon he same chemical reaction utilized in Hanby Environmental's TPH Field Test Kits over the last 29 years. The new device is called The Hydrocarbon ID and has the ability to fingerprint hydrocarbons including crude oils.

Contact Information:; 713-468-3898