Christine Sotelo

Christine Sotelo is the Chief of CA's Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program and was appointed on July 1, 2014. Christine is in charge of implementing many transformative initiatives as part of CA ELAP reforms. She manages approximately 24 staff in three offices throughout CA.

Christine has over 17 years of experience working in the regulatory craft as an Inspector, Auditor, NPDES Permit Writer, Public Participation Specialist, and Program Manager for the CA Water Boards and Department of Public Health.

After receiving her degree in Environmental Biology, Christine began her career as a Clean Water Act Inspector investigating water pollution cases, writing state-wide regulations and permits, auditing comprehensive municipal stormwater programs, and conducting extensive multi-state and federal agency enforcement actions and investigations. At the CA Water Board, Division of Water Quality, Christine developed and managed a statewide stormwater quality program, then moved to the Office of Public Participation where she facilitated stakeholder collaborations and negotiated environmental agreements. Most recently, Christine worked in California's Division of Drinking Water, Environmental Review section and served as Chief of Planning for CA's Drought Emergency Division Response Center. Christine also assisted the Governor's Transition Team to move the Division of Drinking Water from Department of Public Health to the CA Water Board. When she's not working, she's passionate about water quality and serves as a Board of Director of her local watershed council.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 916-341-5175