William Hale

William C. Hale, REHS, is an Environmental Program Manager and the Chief of the Lead Hazard Reduction Section in the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Branch (CLPPB) of the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). Mr. Hale’s responsibilities include: procedures for and oversight of investigations into the homes of California’s lead-exposed children; follow-up to see that lead hazards identified in housing are corrected; the CLPPB XRF program for home investigations; the Lead-Related Construction Program (LRC), which accredits training providers to teach LRC courses, and certifies those trained by LRC in inspection and remediation of housing with lead hazards; and oversight on a US EPA grant, “State Lead Grant for the Lead-Related Construction Program in California.” Prior to work in the public sector, Mr. Hale spent five years working in environmental project management, laboratory analysis, and field work. Mr. Hale studied Environmental Science with an emphasis in chemistry and engineering at the University of California, Berkeley.

Contact Information: William.Hale@cdph.ca.gov; 510-620-5637