Raj Pandya

Mr. Rajul (Raj) Pandya is the director of AGU’s Thriving Earth Exchange, which connects scientists, communities, and sponsors and helps them work together to develop solutions that have local impact and global implications. Prior to working with AGU, Raj worked as the Director of Spark: UCAR Education and Outreach. Spark’s mission is to engage people and communities in the wonder and discovery of science, especially as related to the atmosphere. Raj has managed internships and mentored students, taught in college and high school, collaborated with diverse communities internationally and in the US, and worked in digital libraries. His PhD investigated the large-scale organization and impact of long-lived thunderstorms, and since then he has been part of research and application teams in topics that include student learning, citizen-science, and public health.

Contact Information: rpandya@agu.org; 202-777-7514