Amy Plummer

Amy Plummer is the Field Operations Manager at Orsat, LLC in Pasadena, Texas. She is an integral part of the Orsat monitoring team and has over 10 years’ experience with Photochemical Assessment Monitoring (PAMS) stations. She has in-depth knowledge of AutoGC field services and all aspects from deployment to auditing and supervises our field service activities across a network of over 30 AutoGCs. Her experience includes criteria measurements as well as specialized monitoring activities and she has been instrumental in our data validation activities for PAMS VOC measurements. Amy has been instrumental in the development of automated quality control systems for AutoGC field activities and automated systems for polling and data handling.

Orsat, LLC has provided technical support for ambient monitoring of NMHCs to both state and industrial organizations in the US including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), the University of Texas Center for Energy and Environmental Resources (CEER), AECOM and Dow Chemical. Orsat currently operates 25 PAMS AutoGC monitoring sites in Texas for the TCEQ, University of Texas Center for Energy and Environmental Resources (CEER) and AECOM. Using both the PerkinElmer Ozone Precursor system and the Agilent System utilizing the Markes Unity 2 thermal desorber, Orsat has developed a fully automated application for the continuous monitoring of 56 NMHCs hourly for Photochemical Assessment Monitoring Stations (PAMS).

Contact Information:; 713-920-1696