Konjit Tadigo

Konjit Tadigo was born in 1976 in Ethiopia, one of the poorest countries in Africa. Although the majority of Ethiopians were illiterate, her parents were highly educated and ensured that she received the highest level of education available. She came to the United States to further pursue her education in 1996. She spent two years in De Anza College near the Bay area before transferring to UC Riverside in 1999. She earned his BS in Biochemistry in 2003. Her first job in 2005 was with MWH as a data validator. Within a year she was operating Agilent GC/MS instruments for the UCMR2 project. She has also worked on methods 625, 522 and 548. Starting in 2006, she became the primary analyst for method 521 using Varian 4000 Ion traps. She currently works on method development to modify the existing EPA method 521 to be used on Agilent's 7010 GC/MS triple Quad.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 626-386-1100