Kayla Rux

Kayla Rux is a Sales Executive with Qualtrax. Ms. Rux has been with the Qualtrax organization for 2 years and has over 20 years of experience in data quality.

Henry Leibovitz, Ph.D.: In 2004, Leibovitz was hired by the RI State Health Laboratories (SHL) as Quality Assurance Officer in the Environmental Laboratory Sciences section. In 2007, he became Chief Registered Environmental Laboratory Scientist of the section that includes the chemical and microbiological analysis of drinking water, food, air, dairy, shell fish, recreational water and ambient river samples for the health and environmental program partners they serve.
Email: Henry.Leibovitz@health.ri.gov Phone: 401-222-5578

Contact Information: krux@qualtrax.com; 800-755-1875