Orange County’s Use of Continuous Monitors For The TMDL Program

Changing the Paradigm for Water Pollution Monitoring
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Orange County falls in the center of several major watershed’s in the state. As we are in a unique position of being the headwaters for several of the watersheds in the state, it is incumbent on Orange County to monitor these source waters and manage the pollutant loads that leave the county. Using continuous data, the data management tools and modeling efforts in Aquarius Time Series lets Orange County provide near real-time loading calculations to monitor both BMP performance as well as provide high quality data for various studies that are conducted by Orange County Environmental Protection Division. This data is often used by consultants performing the various studies that Orange County commissions as well as state and federal agencies to better calibrate and check the computer models when setting up BMAP programs and TMDL thresholds for impaired water bodies as well as provide data to be proactive in the protection and maintenance of unimpaired waters.