Streamlined Lipids Analysis by Automated Solvent Extraction

Poster Presentation

Presented by O. Otim
Prepared by , D. Guenther

Contact Information: [email protected]; 310-648-5833


Conventional lipids extraction from fish tissue and analysis is a time consuming and laborious process introduced in the 1950s. The lipids content data is required to normalize the levels of chlorinated pesticides and polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) in fish tissue. In this paper, we demonstrate the possibility of drastically reducing the labor intensity of the process and cut substantially the time required to complete the process. Using accelerated solvent extraction and three solvent systems for the extraction of a lipids mixture in sand and fish tissue, we show that laboratories already using pressurized fluid extraction for pesticides and PCB extraction can save time and chemicals, and reduce the cost of labor by using the same solvent system for lipids extraction. Additionally, we show that the typical solvent systems used in conventional lipids extraction (which contain chloroform or dichloromethane, two chlorinated solvents known to be hazardous to human health) can be replaced by a hexane/acetone mixture in use in most laboratories for pesticides and PCBs extraction with increased data reproducibility.