Air Contamination Quantification by FTIR with Gas Cell

Ambient Air Measurements
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Air quality is of utmost importance in environmental studies and has
many industrial applications such as aviatorsí grade breathing oxygen
(ABO) for pilots and breathing air for fire fighters. Contamination is a
major concern for these industries as identified in MIL-PRF-27210, CGA
G-4.3, CGA G-7.1, and NFPA 1989. Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy
(FTIR) is a powerful tool that when combined with a gas cell has
tremendous potential for gas contamination analysis. Current procedures
focus mostly on GC-MS for contamination quantification. Introduction of
this topic will be done through a comparison of the currently used
deterministic methods for gas contamination with those of FTIR gas
analysis. Certification of the mentioned standards through the ISO/IEC
17025 certifying body AIHA will be addressed followed by an evaluation
of quality information such as the determinations of linearity, the
limits of detection and quantitation, bias, and uncertainty. Major
interferences and issues arising from the use of the FTIR for accredited
work with ABO and breathing air will be covered.