Evaluation and Application of SPME Arrows

Advances in Sample Preparation and Clean-up
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , C. Myers, S. Kozel, G. Stidsen

Contact Information: jason.herrington@restek.com; 814-353-1300


Solid phase microextraction (SPME) fibers were developed/patented by Janusz Pawliszyn in 1990 and subsequently licensed to Supeclo until 2014. Consequently, SPME technology has largely remained unchanged over the last 26 years and is subject to following significant drawbacks: limited mechanical stability and small phase volumes. CTC Analytics AG offers the PAL SPME Arrow, which was developed to overcome the aforementioned shortcomings. Specifically, the PAL SPME Arrow has an outer diameter of 1.1 or 1.5mm. Compared to traditional SPME fiber diameters of ~0.5 mm, SPME Arrows have relatively larger sorption phase surfaces (up to 6x) and volumes (up to 20x). In addition, the arrow-shaped tip facilitates smooth penetration of vial and injector septa, and the Arrow design fully protects the sorptive material, thereby minimizing adverse influences and loss of analytes during transfer processes. The following presentation will provide an evaluation of PAL SPME Arrows and side-by-side comparison with traditional SPME fibers. In addition, an application on U.S. EPA Method 8260 which capitalizes on the claimed advantages of SPME Arrows will be presented as well.