Silicon-Lined Canister Cleaning Practices and Blank VOC Concentrations

Best Practices in Indoor and Outdoor Air Monitoring
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , G. Stidsen, T. Sprenkle, S. Kozel

Contact Information:; 814-353-1300


The last two years of NEMC have seen several presentations on canister cleaning for U.S. EPA Method TO-15. Results have demonstrated that even small differences between canister cleaning practices can have a significant impact. However, results thus far have primarily focused on electropolished stainless steel canisters. This year’s presentation will provide canister cleaning results for silicon-lined stainless steel canisters. The effect of different sweep gases, temperatures, cycle numbers, humidification, and blank storage durations have been evaluated. The results of these experiments will be presented, compared against the results from electropolished canisters, and accompanied by recommendations.