Electronic Data Exchange and Evaluation System (EXES)

Data Management and Review
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The Analytical Services Branch (ASB) strives to be the premier provider of analytical services within the EPA and the gold standard for national environmental data collection programs. ASB provides EPA customers with timely and consistent planning, implementation, analyses, data review, and data deliverables tools and services to support a diverse spectrum of screening and legally defensible environmental data collection projects across Superfund and other EPA programs. In their effort to be the premier provider of data review /evaluation tools, ASB is making EXES and EXES Data Manager (EDM) available to other EPA Offices, Federal and State Agencies.

EXES is a web based automated data assessment and management tool designed to be flexible to meet any agency’s data review needs. The system efficiently evaluates analytical data regardless of the underlying method and data reporting requirements. EXES allows users to dynamically create test rules and design their desired level of assessment; review criteria and reports using easy to work with User Interfaces (UI).
EXES is a centralized project and data assessment tool that is scalable, flexible and configurable; improving data quality while reducing cost through the following:
• Provides users with the ability to create a project and to specify the analytical methods corresponding to the data that will be submitted for that project. A project can be modified and managed during the life cycle of the project.
• Allows designated users to manage a library of analytical methods that can be made available for association to their projects.
• For each specified analytical method, users can specify the automated tests to be performed on the analytical data deliverables to ensure that the data is evaluated in accordance with the Method Quality Objectives (MQOs) and requirements specific to that project’s Quality Assurance Project Plan (QAPP).
• Users Specify:
o The format of the incoming data deliverables from the laboratory
o The Review Services to be performed – Method Compliance and/or Data Validation
o The assessment deliverables to be generated – output spreadsheets and reports
o System access to other members of the project team by the Project Owner
• A faster (600%) and less expensive (85%) process than the traditional data usability/validation.