Recommended Practices for Baseline Sampling of Dissolved Gases at Water Wells in Areas of Shale Oil & Gas Development.

Topics in Shale Gas Exploration and Production
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , A. Smith

Contact Information: [email protected]; 512-346-4474


This talk presents the findings of a Department of Energy-funded research project, which evaluated key sources of variability in pre-drill sampling results from a series of residential water wells in Northeastern Pennsylvania and Eastern Kentucky. Results from these field studies culminated in the development of recommended practices for sampling of residential water wells. The recommended practices include: i) current state regulations for pre-drill and post-drill sampling, ii) sampling practices for dissolved gases (i.e., sampling methods, well purging, sample location), and iii) key geochemical lines of evidence to discern natural variability in water quality from potential anthropogenic impacts. This talk provides an overview of the components of the recommended practices, critical findings from the field studies, and implications for development of future pre-drill and post-drill sampling programs in areas of shale oil and gas development.