Environmental protection belongs to the public: A vision for citizen science at EPA

Citizen Science
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The National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology (NACEPT)’s 28 members—representatives of academia; business and industry; nongovernmental organizations; and state, local and tribal governments—have spent the last year researching, interviewing and drafting advice and recommendations on citizen science for the US Environmental Protection Agency. The report identifies citizen science as an invaluable opportunity for EPA to strengthen public support for EPA’s mission and the best approach for the Agency to connect with the public. The report recommends that EPA embrace citizen science as a core tenet of environmental protection, invest in citizen science for communities, partners, and the Agency, enable the use of citizen science data at the Agency, integrate citizen science into the full range of work of EPA. This presentation will outline the core themes of the NACEPT report, including principles and strategy for integrating citizen science into science and policy at the national level, and provide an overview of the specific steps recommended to EPA by NACEPT.