Democratizing science to address environmental problem solving Using open-source tools to expand environmental exploration and investigation

Citizen Science
Oral Presentation

Prepared by , F. Grey, J. Molloy

Contact Information: [email protected]; 504-239-4642


Hardware forms a vital part of the scientific method and advances in instrumentation have been central to scientific progress by extending observations beyond standard human senses. Although scientists are frequently natural tinkerers, the current supply chain for science hardware limits ability to customize and incrementally improve tools and hence impedes scientific creativity. Open Science Hardware addresses part of this problem through sharing open designs, which often take advantage of modern digital fabrication techniques. Expanding the reach of this approach within citizen science has the potential to increase access to experimental tools and ease their customization and reuse while lowering costs.

This talk will introduce conference participants to the burgeoning connections between Open Science Hardware and citizen scienc, emphasizing the aspects that are important to citizen science practitioners, research administrators and policy makers, such as improved knowledge transfer, international collaboration and accelerated innovation. The talk will feature actions citizen science stakeholders can take alongside the community of Open Science Hardware developers and users to advance the integration of open source hardware in citizen science, overcoming barriers to implementation and uptake.