Panel Discussion: Setting the Standard: Developing and Communicating Best Practices for Environmental Data Management

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The International Conference of Environmental Data Management (ICEDM) has become an extremely popular forum for networking and collaboration among industry leaders in the environmental data management industry. This collaborative atmosphere inspired the formation of the ICEDM Best Management Practices Group (ICEDM BMP Group). The Group’s mission is to provide vendor- and platform-neutral guidance documents defining the best management practices for the environmental data management industry. The group collaborating on this effort consists of top data managers across all sectors of the environmental industry, including government agencies, consulting firms, industry, and software vendors. This presentation will outline the group’s approach to developing the BMPs, the approach for connecting and collaborating with other groups (ACWI, EDDM, and others), and the path forward for the group. Additionally, the presentation will communicate the four best management practice documents the committees have written. Following the presentation, the panel will host a discussion with the audience.

Panel presentation and discussion outline:
1) Overview of ICEDM, the BMP effort, and the path forward
2) Synergies with other organizations/agencies, etc.
3) Data Management Plan Paper: providing a template for environmental data management plans
4) Valid Values Management Paper: developing a process for managing valid values
5) Laboratory EDDs Paper: establishing minimum requirements for a global standardized laboratory data deliverable
6) Historical Data Migration/Management Paper: evaluating and auditing historical data
7) Q&A / Discussion