An Introduction to SCRIBE and How the Environmental Response Team Maximizes This Software at Superfund Sites

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Scribe is a software tool that assists in the process of managing environmental data. Scribe captures sampling, observational, and monitoring field data. Examples of Scribe field tasks include Soil Sampling, Water Sampling, Air Sampling and Biota Sampling. EPA’s Environmental Response Team developed this software to assist EPA’s On-Scene-Coordinators and Remedial Project Managers on Superfund sites across the nation. This tool can be utilized both on Emergency Responses as well as Long Term Environmental Cleanups as well as incorporate both field and laboratory data into one Electronic Data Deliverable. Scribe is customizable and can be adapted to the needs of individual agencies/groups. This presentation will be an introduction to Scribe and how the Environmental Response Team maximizes the use of this software at Superfund sites.