Mobile applications for the collection of field data and info-graphical reporting

Field Sampling, Measurement and Sensor Technology
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Mobile field data collection applications will be changing the way we collect data and submit samples to the laboratory. Mobile apps will also change the way businesses make decisions and communicate information. It is likely these applications will fundamentally change the business to business models used in the environmental industry as they exist today. Laboratories could stand to benefit significantly from these applications. There will be winners and there will be losers; the bottom line is there will be a significant amount of money to be made and saved by both the laboratories and end users of the data.

This presentation is intended for lab directors and managers, consulting engineering company project managers and environmental managers. You will learn how digital capture of sample collection information and automated report generation will help consulting engineering companies operate their projects more efficiently. We will cover the importance of how digitally generated graphical reports directly from the laboratories websites is going to change the financial dynamics of most environmental sampling projects. We will cover a process for streamlining mobile data entry, field printing barcoded sample bottle labels and electronic chain of custody transfer and submission. We will also cover incorporating sample collection information and other related field data into the final report submittal.

Lastly, we will cover advanced reporting capabilities well beyond the basic Excel tables and text based reports. A laboratory’s deliverable product has traditionally been just raw data. From data validation, to fate and transport modeling, to 3-D rendering of contaminant plumes, modern algorithms and analytics will be used to automatically and instantly generate info-graphics straight from the laboratories website, by-passing the traditional methods and costs for generating these reports.