Multiresidue Analysis of Pesticides in Cannabis-Infused Oil by QuEChERS extraction and Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid Cleanup

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A cannabis edible, also called cannabis-infused food, is a food product that contains cannabinoids, especially THC and CBD. Cannabis edibles are consumed for both medical and recreational purposes.
Because cannabinoids are soluble in lipids and alcohols, cannabis must be cooked with one of these two substances in order to infuse the cannabinoids into the food. The oil-solubility of cannabis extracts has been known since ancient times. Since the infused cannabinoids are a concentrate it is important to monitor chemical residues in the concentrate, specifically pesticides. However, it can be difficult to analyze for pesticide residues in high lipid content matrix. Lipids can cause both analysis and instrument issues over time. QuEChERS extraction is a commonly used sample preparation method for the analysis of pesticides from food products however the dispersive SPE containing C18 which is used for fatty matrix is insufficient at selectively removing lipids. A novel sorbent Enhanced Matrix Removal-Lipid (EMR-Lipid) specific for the removal of lipids has shown to be very effective at retaining lipids without compromising recovery of the pesticides. The application will show the matrix removal capabilities of EMR-Lipid for high lipid content cannabis-infused food products and the analysis of pesticides.