Scott Siders

Scott D. Siders has over 35 years of experience in the environmental field, in the private sector (as an Analytical Chemist, Project Manager and Quality Assurance Manager), and with the USEPA and Illinois EPA. During his 24 years at the Illinois EPA, Scott was the Divisional Quality Assurance Officer and a Laboratory Accreditation Officer. Scott has a B.A. Degree in Chemistry and Biology. Scott has been directly involved with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) since 1995, previously serving as the Chair of the NELAC Quality Systems Committee and a member of the NELAC Board of Directors. In 2006, Scott was appointed to be the Illinois EPA’s representative on The NELAC Institute (TNI) NELAP Accreditation Council. Scott was elected in May 2012 to the TNI Board of Directors and is a voting-member of the TNI Chemistry Expert Committee. Scott returned to the private sector in 2015 and is the Director of Quality Assurance with PDC Laboratories, Inc. in Peoria, Illinois.

Contact Information:; 309-683-1736