Joseph Golab

Dr. Golab is a computational scientist with more than twenty-five years’ experience applying advanced modeling and simulation tools to accelerate strategically conceived projects towards practical results. As a Senior Advisor at Environmental Standards, he heads up their new service offering in Computational Science. Before arriving at Environmental Standards, Dr. Golab directed the overall work efforts of the modeling and simulation technology at INEOS Technologies located in Naperville (Illinois) on the BP Research Complex. Joe has several other interests including High Throughput Experimentation, Electronic Laboratory Notebooks, Data Storage and Mining, and High Performance Computing. He has served on several US Government panels including DOE’s INCITE Panel and is an author of computational chemistry and engineering reports for the Chemical Council of Research. He is an adjunct Professor of Chemistry in the College of Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology. He is also a trustee (and past president) of the Computer Aids for Chemical Engineering Corporation (CACHE), an organization that promotes cooperation among universities, industry, and government for computer-related educational aids for chemical engineering. Before starting his industrial career at Amoco in 1991, Joe was a Research Scientist and the Leader of the Computational Chemistry Group at the National Center for Supercomputer Applications. Dr. Golab's interests lie on the technical side of science and engineering specifically in applying and developing accurate, quantitative, computational techniques and methods for problems of industrial interest, especially thermochemistry, kinetics, and catalysis. He is a contributing author on over 35 refereed journal articles, several book chapters, a few patents, and one book. Dr. Golab has spoken on industrial applications of molecular modeling around the world.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 610-935-5577