Charles Neslund

Charles J. Neslund
Technical Director, Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental, LLC

Mr. Neslund is responsible for the HRGC/HRMS laboratory, the LC and GC Triple Quad section and the Method Development group of the Environmental Division. His responsibilities include management of dioxin/furan and PCB congener analysis on water, soil and tissue samples. He oversees the development of methods that employ LC/MS/MS and GC/MS/MS. His responsibilities also include the development and validation of methods that are required to comply with ISO 17025, GLP and FIFRA data submission requirements.

Mr. Neslund has worked for Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories Environmental for over 30 years and previously managed the Pesticide Residue group and the GC/MS Semivolatiles group.

B.S., Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh (1982)
Graduate work in Organic Chemistry, University of Pittsburgh (1982-1984)

Contact Information: [email protected]; 717-556-7231