Mr. Haghani has over twenty years of extensive experience in the environmental measurement business. As Technical Manager of EEA Laboratories, he manages Research and Development activities with a focus on methods for emerging contaminants such as EDCs/PPCPs, PFOS/PFOA, Pesticides, and UCMR4 contaminants. He directs internal training programs for LCMS to improve their knowledge and skills in the applied analyses. In addition, he is also responsible for procurement of equipment for the laboratory. In 1999 he co-authored EPA Method 314.0, “Determination of Perchlorate in Drinking Water Using Ion Chromatography”, coauthor of several papers “Determination of total chromium in environmental water samples, 2004” and “ Occurrence and Suitability of Sucralose as an Indicator Compound of Wastewater Loading to Surface Waters in Urbanized Regions, 2011”.

Contact Information: ALIHAGHANI@EUROFINSUS.COM; 626-386-1100