Paul Banfer

Co-founder, Vice President, and Chief Technology Officer - EISC (over 20 years)

Paul Banfer is Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for EISC, an international life, physical, and material sciences informatics company providing patented and proprietary solutions for laboratory data automation, integration and compliance. Bridging the functionality gap that exists between the analytical instrument raw data and the information delivered to the lab's internal and external client, EISC serves a variety of industries such as pharmaceutical, food safety, health & safety, manufacturing, environmental, waste management, water, nuclear and air.

Formerly with Lockheed Martin, Banfer has over 25 years of scientific IT experience and currently oversees all software product technology for EISC. All EISC solutions focus on providing a seamless transfer of information, regulatory compliance, increased productivity, and maintaining quality assurance and data integrity. Banfer is a former board member for the EPAís Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board (ELAB), which advises on the NELAC/NELAP process and standards and provides assistance to entities involved in meeting regulatory compliance on a daily basis.

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, EISC works with such clients as the FDA, First Energy Corporation, Massachusetts Department of Health, NASA, American Water, TestAmerica, Merck, Siliker, United States Enrichment Corp. (USEC), EPA, DOD, DOE, the US Army Corp of Engineers, Air Force and Navy.

Specialties: Lab data automation, integration, productivity, compliance; automated instrument integration, LIMS/IMS integration, 21CFR Part 11, automated quality assurance...

Contact Information: [email protected]; 888-320-3472