Gary Ward

Gary K. Ward

Gary K. Ward is currently retired and serving as an experienced 3rd party assessor certified by the US EPA for organics, inorganics, radiochemistry, microbiology and Cryptosporidium. He was the Oregon ORELAP Administrator in the Oregon State Public Health Laboratory for the last 6 years. Gary was previously Laboratory Director at Accutest Laboratories-Denver. Before that, he was Vice President, Chief Quality Officer and Ethics Officer, and IT Director at Columbia Analytical Services, Inc. He has extensive government and private industry laboratory experience.

Gary has served as Director of three NOAA laboratories and was Chairperson of the Interagency Committee for Water-Data Acquisition. While working at EPA Headquarters, he served as Deputy Branch Chief of the Analytical Support Branch of the Superfund program and was National Program Manager of the Contract Laboratory Program (CLP). In this capacity, he helped develop and write a number of CLP and SW-846 methods.

His industry experience includes Director of Technology and Quality Assurance at Enseco/Quanterra, and Laboratory Director of Underwriters Limited Drinking Water laboratory. Gary also worked at Intertek Testing-London, where he was Director of Laboratories for 240 laboratories worldwide. He has over 130 technical publications and presentations.

He has participated in NELAP and TNI for many years and was TNIís representative on the US delegation to assist Chinaís State EPA in preparation for the Olympics. He also served on the ACIL Technical Committee and helped develop the currently proposed MDL procedure.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 360-431-9390