Lara Phelps

Ms. Phelps is the Senior Advisor for Measurement, Monitoring, and Laboratory Science Issues with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Office of the Science Advisor (OSA). In over 21 years with the EPA, she has served in various positions and roles within the Office of Air and Radiation and the Office of Research and Development before joining the OSA staff. Over her years of government service, she has gained expertise in budgeting and program planning, quality systems, laboratory accreditation, monitoring and testing issues, proficiency testing, regulatory issues, modeling, statistical design and analysis, and innovative strategies and technologies. At present, she is not only an advisor for science issues, but serves as the Director of the Forum on Environmental Measurements, Designated Federal Official for the Environmental Laboratory Advisory Board, Chair of the Environmental Modeling Community of Practice, and Quality Assurance Manager for OSA. Ms. Phelps also represents the Agency in several outside capacities including: Ex-officio Member to the TNI Board of Directors, Expert Review Panel Chair for the California Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program, and Chair of the Environmental Measurement Symposium, which is the joint meeting of the National Environmental Monitoring Conference (NEMC) that she chairs and Forum on Laboratory Accreditation in which she serves on several committees. As a native of North Carolina, Lara did her Bachelor’s and Master’s work in Statistics at North Carolina State University with a minor in Mathematics. She has received numerous honors and is involved in several professional organizations including The NELAC Institute (TNI).

Contact Information:; 919-541-5544