Xinghua Fan

Xinghua Fan got his PhD in environmental analytical chemistry in 2004 from the University of Toronto, doing research on outdoor air quality monitoring. Currently he is a senior research chemist at Health Canada for more than 11 years, working on indoor air quality monitoring and biomonitoring, especially for those emerging environmental contaminants such as legacy and novel flame retardants, triclosan and parabens, synthetic musks, fluorinated compounds, alkyl phenols and alkyl phenol ethoxylates, bisphenol A and bisphenol analogues, phthalate esters and alternatives to phthalate esters. He has published more than a dozen of papers on the measurement of emerging contaminants from indoor house dust and serum samples. Today he will give a presentation on the measurement of alternatives to conventional phthalate esters, which are widely used as plasticizers from indoor house dust.

Contact Information: [email protected]; 613-513-7103