Ron Coss

Ron is the Laboratory, Monitoring, and Compliance (LMC) Manager for the Orange County Sanitation District. The LMC includes a full-service laboratory that collects and analyzes over 108,000 samples per year, with a staff of 32 biologists and chemists. The Orange County Sanitation District serves a population of about 2.6 million, operates two wastewater treatment facilities with an average inflow of 184 million gallons per day. About 134 million gallons of treated wastewater is supplied to the Orange County Water District for advanced treatment and groundwater augmentation. OCSD’s ocean discharge is roughly 84 million gallons per day.

Ron Coss received a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Public Health at San Diego State University and a Master on Public Administration degree from CSU Long Beach. Ron is a Board Certified Environmental Scientist, a certified Laboratory Analyst for water and wastewater, a Certified Water Treatment Operator and a Certified Manager.

Contact Information: [email protected]; (714) 593-7508