Joy Ginter

Joy M. Ginter, Ph.D.

Dr. Ginter is a Research Chemist for the US Army. Dr. Ginter joined the Forensic Analytical Center (FAC) at the US Armyís Edgewood Chemical and Biological Center in 2008. The FAC is one of the top laboratories in the country for the detection of chemical warfare agents (CWAs), and one of only two OPCW designated laboratories in the United States. This designation requires competency in the analysis of CWAs and their degradants and competency is demonstrated by successfully completing an annual proficiency test. Dr. Ginter is the lead LCMS chemist during this test. In addition, as a research chemist at the FAC she is involved in the qualitative and quantitative detection of various compounds of military interest including explosives and chemical and biological agents. She is primarily responsible for the electrospray (ESI) and MALDI mass spectrometers housed at the FAC, and she serves as the program manager for the FACís explosive analysis programs, and biomedical and toxin analysis projects. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from Franklin and Marshall College and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Delaware

Contact Information: [email protected]; 410-436-7118