Ke He

Ke He is a PhD student from Department of Chemical, Biochemical, and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. He is interested in the study of prioritized contaminants (i.e., antibiotics, estrogenic hormones, and UV-filters) of emerging concern (CECs) in different environmental compartments. Specifically, he is working on: (1) Developing efficient sample pretreatment techniques and advanced analytical methods (e.g., SPE-LC-MS/MS) for detection of environmentally-relevant concentrations of over 60 CECs in surface water, wastewater, sludge, sediment, and biota samples; (2) Investigating the occurrence and fate of CECs during wastewater treatment; and (3) Studying the bioaccumulation and estrogenic effects of estrogens and UV-filters in crayfish (i.e., Procambarus clarkii) through long-term exposure experiments.

Contact Information:; 410-428-6629