Guide for Biographies

You will be asked to submit your biography when you submit your abstract using NEMC’s on-line abstract submission website. The information below will help you prepare your abstract to upload. Please provide a short biography summarizing your affiliations, education, accomplishments and contact information. You can also include a photo. You will be asked to paste your biography into the submittal. Only the Presenting Author’s biography is required. The entry should follow the template below:

NOTE: If you are submitting a late biography because you are a substitute/additional presenter or did not have this information during submittal - you must submit the biography directly to William Daystrom at [email protected].

Consider the following information when preparing your biography:

  • Include your current job title, company name and length of time you have been at the company
  • Mention any work-related honors, awards or recognition
  • Summarize educational degrees and the institutions that awarded them
  • Include previous, but related, jobs
  • Include a contact e-mail address and telephone number
  • Write the biography in third person. After giving your full name, continue to use just the last name throughout the biography. Also, use "he" or "she” instead of “I."
  • Be brief. The session chairs will use this information to introduce you

All chosen abstracts/presentations for the conference will be publicly posted on the NEMC website after the conference. Only submit material that can be posted. You will be required to sign a Written Materials Agreement as a condition of abstract submission.

If you have any issues uploading your abstract, please contact NEMC IT Manager
William Daystrom ([email protected]) for assistance.